Good news! For the customers who pass the Owatch VR Triple-2 Shopping Festival, now, we have the returns promotion!

Triple 2 shopping fest returns promotion

More than 30+ Virtual Game Center Amusement Rides are waiting for you!

We focus on VR Simulator Games products, such as: 9D Virtual Reality Simulator Cinema, VR Roller Coaster, VR/AR Racing simulators, VR Motorcycle, VR Shooting, VR Flight Simulators, VR Music Platform, VR Self-service Platform. And also, we have AR Racing Car, Racing Cockpit and 5D/7D Motion Cinema, ect… Various types of VR game consoles provide free virtual reality movies and games on a large scale, bringing an immersive “outdoor” virtual reality experience indoor. One

At the triple 2 shopping fest returns promotion, all products were discounted by 15%. An additional 5% discount will be available for orders above $5W and the company’s on-site transactions

For more event information or product details, you can contact our sales staff!

Super Warranty: Each Owatch product comes with a service warranty that 24 months guarantees our users excellent service and peace of mind!

Free Shipping for All Repairs Sent by DHL: During the warranty period, we will send new parts to client by DHL both spare parts and parcel freight to customer is free!

Software Support for Whole Life: We have a professional team tracking & provide software support for whole life!

A+ Quality service: Provide customers with efficient 7X24 hours After-Sales Service to ensure that our customers’ problems are solved in a timely manner!

Troubleshoot Online: When problem happen, we service team will guide clients to troubleshoot and confirm the problem by wechat or by whatsApp together!

Remote to Fix: When problem happen, If that’s software issue, we remote to fix it!

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