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One-stop Self-service VR Arcade Games Machine.
More Cool Colors to Attract Different Players.

Glasses-free Most Intense 3D Experience
Immersive Viewing Enjoyment, Excitement!

 One-stop Virtual Gaming Center Solution
The Most Reliable&New Business!

Professional 5-DOF Full Motion Racing Simulator
All -in-one Cockpit For all Driving Positions

Latest Multiplayer Jurassic Themes 3D Ride
Most profitable entertainment facilitye

AR Car Racing Amazing!

The Latest Gameplay, Support Multiplayer Racing
With the Miniature Real Theme Track!

ar car racing

VR Theme Park Branding Choice!

Owatch 9D Virtual reality Rides for Theme Park, kinds of VR Arade Machine.
One-stop VR Experience station.

vr park

Bring your VR helmet and quickly step onto the track!
Enjoy the most exciting Fast & Furious!

vr motorbike

VR Magic Box Popular!

A Simple, Lightweight, Easy to use, Compatible,Economical VR Standing Platform

vr magic box-shooting

VR Team Cool!

Multi-player VR Shooting Game Platform for HTC VIVE
Virtual Reality Matrix Space!

vr team-in-china

6-dof Platform High quality Interactive 6 seats VR family 7d home cinema with
6 seat 9d Virtual Reality, VR Family Entertainment Solution!

vr ship cinema

5D/7D Cinema Unbelievable!

Full-featured, Multimedia Motion Movie Solution,Most Popular
5D/7D Cinema in the market!Movie-like Life Experience!

5d 7d cinema

9D VR Chair Hot sale!

Hot sale 9D VR Arcade Model, Dynamic seat with rich environment effect, Up to 100pcs VR games & movies!

vr chair cinema

3rd Generation, Better Performance, 2X Speed!
9d VR Chair: Most popular in the market!

VR Slide Flying!

Newest designed VR surf with Thrilling Experience,
Virtual Reality Slide

vr slide 360

VR Racing Popular!

Popular VR Arcade Simulator: VR Driving Simulator
Enjoy the Real Racing Games with you talent driving skill

vr racing

NEW Style VR Driving simulator, 2X Performance
Professional Racing Games !

VR Chair 360º Exciting!

360° Rotation for A Super Entertainment Experience,
Super VR Roller Coaster Simulator!

vr motion chair 360

Upgraded VR Gatling Shooting Simulator
Strong & Heavy Shooting!You Could enjoy here, Man !

Fluent Big Place Platform,With Synchronous Full Immerse Plot Bring A New Shocking Experience!!

3-screen vr racing car

VR War Horse Thrilling!

Real Riding Experience,Play A Stimuli Battlefield of Your Own! Go And Enjoy it!

VR Flight Hot sale!

9D Virtual Reality Flight Simulator, Fly and Shoot,
Just like the battle eagle, So cool

vr flight-birdy

Future Jet-pack standing-up Style, Dynamic 360-degree Rotating Flying and Shooting!

vr flight-Jets

Let’s Offer Customized Solution For You!Free Design!


Let’s Offer Customized Solution For You. Free Design!