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3-Screen Racing Car

Fluent Big Place Platform,With Synchronous Full Immerse
Plot Bring, A New Shocking Experience!!

3-screen & 6-Dof Driving Simulator

Driving Simulator with Surrounding 3 wide screens, Cool and Stylish Look, 6-DOF Dynamic Platform. No Delays, Fine Reactions, Really feel that the car can be Deeply Simulated, comparable to real racing!

Fluent Big Place Platform,With Synchronous Full Immerse Plot, Bring A New Shocking Experience!

Base on 6-dof Platform. The Motion simulation is more accurate, Higher response time and faster acceleration to enhance the virtual reality effect greatly!

A: 42 Inch 4K HDB: Adjustable SeatC: Logo AreaD: Dedicated Servo Electric CylinderE: Motion Controller
F: Stereo SpeakersG: Logitech Steering WheelH: Throttle Brake & clutch pedalI: Seat PlatformJ: Feet & Wheels


Advanced 6-DOF 3-Screen Dynamic Car Simulator

Adjustable Seat

Move forward and backward, more comfortable driving experience

Simulated Steering Wheel

Modern industrial design,360º rotation control, Super strong real feel

Simulated Car Pedal Controler

Throttle pedal,reversing back pedal,clutch control experience,flexible and easy to operate

Three-Srceen HD Display

Not only provide a broad view of the immersive, but also attract more viewers.

High-Quality Stere

Equipped with 3 sets super audios,which provides an immersive feeling for drivers

Super-Dynamic Body Design

6-DOF perfectly display the tilt, rotation and panning of the car simulator!


Professional industrial design appearance and adjustable seats instantly attract public attention, professional F1 racing theme
games, thrilling! full of challenge!

Gallery Of 3 Screen Racing Car Simulator

Six-degree of freedom platform/3-Screen Dynamic Car Simulator


Development by Owatch and Easy customized for your Individualized demand

Let’s Offer Customized Solution For You!Free Design!

Let’s Offer Customized Solution For You. Free Design!

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