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VR Family (6 Seats)

Multi-player 9D Cinema / Theater, VR Family Entertainment Solution!

Multiplayer 9D VR Cinema/Theater 6 seats Suppliers & Manufacture For Sale with Best Price!

Base on Six Degree of freedom platform. Motion simulation is more accurate, Higher response time and faster acceleration to enhance the virtual reality effect greatly!

Dynamic simulation six degree of freedom platform……

What’s 6-Dof ?

6 degrees of freedom (6DOF) refers to the specific number of axes that a rigid body is able to freely move in three-dimensional space. It defines the number of independent parameters that define the configuration of a mechanical system. Specifically, the body can move in three dimensions, on the X, Y and Z axes, as well as change orientation between those axes though rotation usually called pitch, yaw and roll.


  • High-fidelity simulation of dynamic visual simulation platform with the high performance docking
  • Precision positioning: Payload of 0.5 tons -50 tons, position control accuracy of 0.02mm
  • Higher response time
  • Faster acceleration
  • Greater movement range

Dynamic Seat & Rich Environmental Effects

Vibration, push your back, sweep leg, wind behind the ear, and air injection. Those effects could create the virtual environment and make the experiencers have real feeling of the physioclimate, explosion, air billow, and the physical shock of the debris in Owatch 9D VR Simulator


More Choices More Fun

Cover most people with full
range entertainments

3-D Motion

360° Movement

Cover different directions,Up Down Left Right,Forward Backward


Hi-Fi Stereo Sound

The semi-closed Chair shape Achieve full surround sound, subwoofer effect is very good!

Air Jet

Thrilling & Exciting

Air suddenly spit from the top

Leg Sweep

Screaming & Frightened

Suddenly hit the legs back and forth


Enhance Sense of Reality

The seat of the violent vibration makes people feel more immersive


Interactive For Game

Track the target by headset, press the joystick to shoot

Back Poke

Scared & Uncomfortable

Uninterrupted beat the back

Game Controller

Compact size, Easy to use, Software Developed by Owatch

i5 PC

Intel i5-6400 CPU
8GB DDR4 Merroy
Graphic card: 1050 – GALAX
SSD 240G Hard-disk


Adopt China leader supplier (Hollysys Group) of Syn-tron Stepper Motor + Syn-tron 3 in 1 Motor Driver Electric Cylinder from Kete Electric


Large pendulum, Children’s, roller coaster, thrilling, racing, shooting, dinosaur, adventure, others…
Mass Movies & Games Contents and Continously Updating…More Choices, More Fun!

Gallery of 6 Seats VR 9D Cinema Theater


Development by Owatch and Easy customized for your Individualized demand

Product nameVR Family (6 Seats)
ModelOS 1006 | OS 1006B
Voltage / Power110-240V | 3300W
VR headsetDPVR E3 (2K)
Movie quantity108pcs
Playing time2-7 mins
WeightNW: 1000kgs | GW: 1200kgs
Packing Size ( LXWXH )275 X 220 X 185 cm
222 X 54 X 87 cm
List of goods6 X VR Headsets,
1 X 6 Seats Dynamic Platform
OS 1006 : 1 X 22″Touch Screen Control Panel
OS 1006B : 1 X 47inch Control Panel
Computer configurationCPU: i5-6400-Intel
Graphic card:1050 – GALAX
Main board:B250M- GIGABYTE
Hard disk:SSD 240G -GALAX
Memory card: 8GB DDR4

Let’s Offer Customized Solution For You!Free Design!

Let’s Offer Customized Solution For You. Free Design!