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9D VR Cinema/Simulator The First choice in your VR Business!

9D VR Chair Cinema: Best VR Experience Game Machine in the World

Owatch VR Motion Chair: Base on 3-dof Motion Platform with Seat Vibration, push your back, sweep leg, wind, air injection Making the experiences have real movie & games’ feeling in Owatch NEW 9D VR Cinema

Easy to Start Your VR Business byOwatch VR Commercial Solution

9D Virtual Reality Simulator/Cinema
From the day of VR born, we began to study how to make the VR into commercial model, which people can spend a little money then can enjoy the new high-tech experience of VR and the operators can work and run the business easily, now it’s successful and Owatch commercial solution is available….

Customized Logo and Color is Acceptable

Can change with legal logo and adjust the color base on customer requirements, help to raise business sales locally

Touch Screen Game Control Panel

22″ Small control panel 47″ Big screen control panel with AD settable Software developed by Owatch

Content Show with TV Synchronously

Content show on TV when experiencing, Attract passing customers, Available to put customized advertisement video.

Approximate 3 Minutes Experience Time

All movies is from 2-5 minutes, Average 8 peoples try per hour, Large flow of people, efficient operation

Instant Consumption Statistic System

Record what data, which movie, playing, total peoples Conducive to Business Data Analysis & staff management

No Assembling & Installation At All

Every parts assembled well before shipment, plug power and open computers to start after receiving, easy operation

Dynamic Seat & Rich Environmental Effects

Vibration, push your back, sweep leg, wind behind the ear, and air injection. Those effects could create the virtual environment and make the experiencers have real feeling of the physioclimate, explosion, air billow, and the physical shock of the debris in Owatch 9D VR cinema


Hi-Fi Stereo Sound

The semi-closed Chair shape Achieve full surround sound, subwoofer effect is very good!


More Choices More Fun

Cover most people with full
range entertainments


Interactive For Game

Track the target by headset, press the joystick to shoot

3-D Motion

360° Movement

Cover different directions,Up Down Left Right,Forward Backward

Air Jet

Thrilling & Exciting

Air suddenly spit from the top

Leg Sweep

Screaming & Frightened

Suddenly hit the legs back and forth


Enhance Sense of Reality

The seat of the violent vibration makes people feel more immersive

Back Poke

Scared & Uncomfortable

Uninterrupted beat the back

108 ALL 360º VR Movies & Games

Large pendulum, Children’s, roller coaster, thrilling, racing, shooting, dinosaur, adventure, others…
Mass Movies & Games Contents and Continuously Updating…More Choices, More Fun!


The attractive shape and design is the most important key to make your VR business successful! Is most important for Virtual Reality business as nobody want to try if the appearance not shine and attractive, finally we create the “Robot Concept Design”,  Which is totally different from the current 9d egg VR cinema shape in the market. And as feedback from the market in the past, it’s quite popular and all customers said, “when they see our Owatch VR chair, they can see the future of technology! ”

Gallery of 9D VR Chair Cinema


Development by Owatch and Easy customized for your Individualized demand

Let’s Offer Customized Solution For You!Free Design!

Let’s Offer Customized Solution For You. Free Design!