VR 2.0 Series

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The Latest Commercial Virtual Reality Racing, Get to Race

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Challenges of the Craziest Racing with the Top Equipment

HOT! Innovate for the Fun of Racing

With the world’s advanced electric platform, greatly enhance the virtual reality special game experience! Providing You with Authentic Race Car Feel!

Motorsport Level Design, Authentic Race Car Feel

Owatch VR 2.0 Series, New sim racing experience. Unique eye-catching ergonomic design helps you master your car with ease, Elevate Your Racing Experience!


Product Name : VR Racing
Model : VR R001
Person : 1
Voltage / Power : 110-240V | 1100W
VR Headset : DPVR E3 ( 2K )
Game Quantity : 1 pcs (Multiple racing tracks)
Playing Time : 2-5 mins
Weight : NW: 350 kgs | GW: 460 kgs
Product Size ( LXWXH ) :  110 X 230 X 200cm


  • Product Name : VR Cybertruck
  • Model : VR C002
  • Person : 6
  • Voltage / Power : 110-240V | 3300W
  • VR Headset : Pico Neo 3
  • Game Quantity : 12 pcs
  • Playing Time : 3-8 mins
  • Weight : NW: 1200kgs | GW: 1350kgs
  • Product Size ( LXWXH ) : 332 X 295 X 139cm

HOT! VR 2.0 SERIES, Racing beyond eXtreme!

Exciting visual perception, real scene simulation, thrilling plot experience, is not only popular in international market

For the Ultimate Formula Racing Experience!

Ready to become a Sim Racer?” From Drifting to Track Racing, from your 1st drive to your 1st trophy. Owatch VR Racing is always with you.

Gallery of Virtual Reality Racing 2.0

Let’s Offer Customized Solution For You!Free Design!

Let’s Offer Customized Solution For You. Free Design!