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Kids VR - Dragon Star

Entertaining and Learning, Happy Learning

The Kids VRDragon Star is a new concept for children’s entertainment and educational equipment.

It adopts the most imaginative and immersive VR (virtual reality) technology, combined with advanced educational and entertainment concepts, to provide children with a happy and growing virtual reality world, bringing children a fantastic journey beyond imagination.

Customized Version of Handheld Children’s VR Glasses from Owatch

Special lens design, hand-held glasses to reduce children’s intraocular pressure, allowing children to fully immerse themselves in the virtual panoramic space in a healthier and more comfortable way

Professional Premium Kids VR – Dragon Star Games

There are a lot of children’s games, and interactive games are fun! It includes sports games such as shooting, basketball,
and many other puzzle games that train children’s hand/eye coordination.

Gallery of Kids VR-Dragon Star Games Simulator

“Kids VR” adopts the most imaginative, interactive and immersive virtual reality technology, and combines advanced educational and
entertainment concepts to bring children a fantastic journey of imagination…


Development by Owatch and Easy customized for your Individualized demand

Product name
Kids VR – Dragon Star
OK 1001
Voltage / Power
110-240V | 330W
VR headsetHandheld VR Glasses (Customized)
Game quantity
8 pcs
Playing time
5 mins ( can reset as needed )
NW: 100kgs | GW: 150kgs
Packing Size ( LXWXH )
79 X 80 X 131 cm
Product Area0.45㎡
List of goods1 X Whole Platform
1 X Hand-held VR Headset
1 X Custom Computer Host
(with OLED Display

Let’s Offer Customized Solution For You!Free Design!


Let’s Offer Customized Solution For You. Free Design!