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Multiplayer VR Shooting Arena for HTC VIVE, Virtual Reality Matrix Space, The world’s leading multiplayer online solution that can be commercialized and implemented!

A: Console & DisplayB: 42’’HD Display ScreenC: Logo AreaD: DoorE: Laser Positioner
F: Iron CageG: LED LightsH: Walking PlatformI: HTC VIVE COSMOSJ: PP Gun

How To Play?

Players use VR firearm to interact: press the trigger to fire, swing down the shooting gun to reload, When health point becomes zero, the player falls down and waits for reviving. Games will be over until all players fall down.

Super Trilling & Exciting

The disgusting monster is right before players, makes you feel terrified. Doomsday/Eve theme, makes you feel like you are at the end of the world. Fight against the powerful enemy, makes you feel like a super soldier.


Multiplayer VR Shooting Simulator Features

Advanced Multi-player Shooting Platform

1:1 Game Scene

True panoramic view, 1:1 design game and model Design

TV Synchronous Display

Equipment 42″HD TV, Synchronously show one players’ vision

Low-frequency Vibration Floor

Simulate the monster’s floor vibration, make intense atmosphere

3×3.5m Room-Scale Stage

Dedicated Room-scale Play area

Metal Cage Design

Mysterious, Dangerous, Thrilling

High Interactive

Shooting, Moving, turn around, just like you’re in the real Virtual Game scene

Customized Original Game

8 High quality customized shooting games selectable for VR Team
The-eve-of-the-parasite, Starship-troopers, magic-adventure(for kids), Boom-beach(for kids),Jurassic-world (Optional),
Alien-war (Optional), warfire-jurassicworld(Optional),zombie-negion(Optional)

Gallery of Multiplayer VR Shooting Game


Development by Owatch and Easy customized for your Individualized demand

Product name
VR Team
OT 1001
Capacity4 Person
Voltage / Power
110-240V | 550W
VR headset
Movie quantity ( included )
Playing time
16 mins
NW: 500 kgs | GW: 600 kgs
Product Size ( LXWXH )
97 X 52 X 110 cm
320 X 125 X 142 cm
List of goods
4 X HTC VIVE (with VIVE Deluxe Audio Strap)
4 X PP Guns
1 X Whole Platform(with PC+42” Display)
1 X Control Desk

Let’s Offer Customized Solution For You!Free Design!

Let’s Offer Customized Solution For You. Free Design!