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VR Machine Gun

Gatling VR Shooting Simulator, Strong & Heavy Shooting!

VR Gatling Gun Simulator makes players get into character in one second, Incarnating brave warrior to get through the line of fire.

TRANSFORMER Cool & Fashion Style

Muscle & Strong! Get eye-catching everywhere and anytime!

Is most important for VR business as nobody want to try if the appearance is not shine and attractive, finally we create the “transformer concept design”, which is totally different from the current shape in the market. And as feedback from the market in the past, it’s quite popular and all customers said, “when they see our Owatch VR Gatling shooting gun game simulator , they will think about the OPTIMUS PRIME from movie “TRANSFORMERS”.

Super cool Gatling Guns Controller

Muscle & Strong! Get eye-catching everywhere and anytime !

Big Heavy Bass High Fidelity Sound Speaker

Shocking Gunfire in the battlefield !

42″ HD TV Game Show Synchronously

Shocking Gunfire in the battlefield !

Refined Inside-out Tracking

Use “VIVE COSMOS” Brand Headset Inside-out Tracking Solution
(No Base Station needed for Positioning)
Expand your range of motion with six camera sensors
Higher display resolution (2880 x 1700)
Jump between reality & virtual reality in seconds
with the innovative flip-up design
The forefront of headset design
Adjustable interpupillary dial

World Premiere with Storyline Game

Owatch New Upgrade 5 with Storyline Game for VR Machine Gun, More Thrilling and More Exciting!

Gallery of VR Gatlin Heavy Machine Gun


Development by Owatch and Easy customized for your Individualized demand

Product name
VR Machine Gun
Voltage / Power
110-240V | 550W
VR headset
VR Games & Movies5pcs
Playing time
3-5 mins (can reset as needed)
NW: 150kgs | GW: 250kgs
Packing Size ( LXWXH )
180 X 123 X 193 cm
List of goods
1 X VR Headset
1 X Whole Platform
(with PC + 42” Display + Machine Gun Head)
1 X Coin System
Head-tracking Selecting

Let’s Offer Customized Solution For You!Free Design!

Let’s Offer Customized Solution For You. Free Design!