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VR Flight

Just like the battle eagle, Fly and shoot, So cool!

What’S Birdly VR Flight Simulator?

Get in the machine and lay down your body, then wear the VR headset and you can fly freely like a bird the th sky thought the joystick to control the direction and shoot the target, cool!

Birdly VR Flight Simulator

Virtual Reality Flying Experiences & Easy operation
360° movement,shoot,wind,direction control, those effects could create the virtual environment and make the experiences have real feeling of the physioclimate, explosion, air billow, and the physical shock of the debris.

3-D Motion

360° Movement

Cover different directions,Up Down Left Right,Forward Backward


Hi-Fi Stereo Sound

Full surround sound, subwoofer effect is very good

Air Jet

Thrilling & Exciting

Air suddenly spit from the top


Interactive For Game

Track the target by headset, press the joystick to shoot

Classic / Birdly Eagle Design

Is most important for VR business as nobody want to try if the appearance is not shine and attractive, finally we create the “professional eagle design “, which is totally different from the current shape in the market. And as feedback from the market in the past, it’s quite popular and all customers said, “when they see our Owatch VR flight simulator , We will imagine ourselves flying in the sky like a real eagle.


This VR Machine realistic cool styling attract the public eye.The game involves, Dragon Warrior, Geocentric Exploration,
Polar Adventure and Space cosmic shooting games other fun flight contents.

DEEPOON E3 VR Headset / All New Version

2K Eye-protective LCD Screen ( 2560×1440 / 70Hz )
High-grade Fresnel Lens
110°FOV & IPD Adjustment ( 54-74mm )
Low latency Low afterglow No dizziness
Ergonomic & Adjustable head strap Design
Compact and Lightweight ( 305g only )

Gallery of Virtual Reality Shooting Flight Simulator


Development by Owatch and Easy customized for your Individualized demand

Product name
VR Flight ( Birdly Style )
OF 1001
Voltage / Power
110-240V | 1100W
VR headset
DPVR E3 (2.5K)
VR Games & Movies
Playing time
2-4 mins
NW: 200kgs | GW: 300kgs
Packing Size ( LXWXH )
177 X 89 X 126 cm
List of goods
1 X VR Glasses
1 X Coin System
Head-tracking Selecting
1 X Whole Platform

Let’s Offer Customized Solution For You!Free Design!

Let’s Offer Customized Solution For You. Free Design!