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Published Date: 2020.6

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VR Theme Park, 9D VR Chair, VR Cinema/Simulator, 9D Virtual reality. We’re the leading supplier of VR Game machine manufacturer in China

What type of technology can boost our amusement park rides sales?

Virtual Reality: Newest technology, Totally interactive and immersive game experience for customers.
With amusement parks and arcade game losing their customers because of the mobile phone games, The VR Park will be the answer to the next generation amusement park problems, when it comes to the physical nature of ride experiences, virtual reality experiences can help theme parks stand out from the rest of the competition.

PDF Format, We’ll keep the e-catalog updating, so please pay attention to the date version

In this catalog, we listed our different kinds of popular VR game machine (9d vr chair, flight [ lay-down style & jet-pack style], racing, shooting, walker, standing platform for htc vive, music, dancing, etc…), attractive design, factory price, unique and whole solution for VR amusement park.

Many customers get great profit from the first generation of 9D VR chair, and still is the most popular the market