The flexibility of a mobile shop has enticed small business owners of all kinds and this model has the benefit of allowing budding entrepreneurs to test market before start the mortar shop or a kind of new business.

When the 5d cinema/theater was popular, the profit of the truck mobile cinema method even exceeded the physical store, because it can bring the new dynamic movie experience to more people.

Magic Bus: 6D Mobile Motion Cinema

Why mobile truck cinema business?
The startup costs are lower than a brick and mortar shop. You can start with a small truck, bus, trailer etc. After a simple transformation, you can build a mobile cinema.

High ROI
Just like the convenience store around, you would rather spend a little more money, even though it is much more expensive than the supermarket. especially for the 9D Virtual reality cinema, the Tickets are several times higher than others。

Mobility allows you to try different locations on different days and pack up and go to special events where you can find huge audiences for your products.

This enables you to try out a small selection of products and test the market before make a big business decision. You might find that certain products sell well at particular locations or events and you can (and should!) cater your selection for those times.

You might already saw the 5d/7d mobile truck cinema, now we would like to talk about more the latest technology: 9D Virtual reality

Single VR Pod for Mobile

VR Slide & VR Chair