From September 15 to September 18, Tokyo Game Show (TGS), one of the world’s three major game fairs, arrived as scheduled. Due to the impact of the epidemic, TGS was held online in the first two years, and offline exhibitions were finally resumed this year. The Tokyo Video Game Show attracted 605 exhibitors from 37 countries and regions. According to the data of the sponsor CESA, the actual number of visitors was 138192, about half of the number in 2019.

The theme of this year’s TGS is “Games, never down”. In the offline venue, all the major hardware, games and products related to the game industry of major manufacturers were unveiled. In this article, we introduce two VR stalls that are more interesting in offline exhibitions.


● “Crew” and internal demons are everywhere

The booth of Meta Quest 2 is themed with its new tour “Among Us VR”. There are various characters in the “Among Us” scattered on the front. Some of them cooperate with the background light of the same color, and they will be ignored if they are not careful, which also reveals a little silly and cute.

In addition, there is a group photo spot with the theme of “Among Us VR” in the center of the booth, where you can take a group photo with the crew members with lovely leaves on their heads, the terrifying inner ghost, and the poor crew members lying on the ground

● 7 VR games can be tried

The games that visitors can play at Meta’s booth include classic games such as Beat Saber, Sports Scramble, as well as new works such as Altair BREAKER, RUINSMAGUS, DYSCHENIA: Chronos Alternate, X8 and Mixture that have just been released or will be released.

● Spacious experience area

There are many rooms in the booth, where the game experience is carried out. According to visitors, the room is large enough to avoid hitting the wall.


On TGS 2022, the Japanese VR game company has prepared a booth for its X8, which will be released this winter.

Thirdverse has developed VR games such as “Sword of Gargantua” and “Altair BREAKER”, but “X8” is a VR tactical shooting game produced by the American studio under the company. This game supports up to 5v5 team battles. The background of this work is set after an unknown future disaster, and all shooting games are about to be disassembled, so the heroes in each game compete for the game engine called Origin, and rebuild their way home.

One of the characteristics of X8 is to use VR to launch skills through gestures. Long press the trigger key of the left hand to display the inherent skills of each character. Select the skills you want to launch with your hands together, and several photospheres will be displayed. Touch the sphere in the luminous order, and start the engine. Finally, one more trigger can activate the skill.

There are many actions to activate skills, such as drawing a circle or a star in the air. There are 2~3 spheres and 5~6 spheres. The more powerful the spheres are, the more difficult it is to start them. In addition, specific to the skill itself, in addition to direct attacks such as throwing a small ball that causes damage within a specified range, it can also capture the opponent’s vision, summon a wall that can serve as a foothold, etc.