Owatch has entered its fifth year, and every exhibition will make us excited, and the power of our products is expected to be tested by customers.

We exhibited more than 60% of our products in this show. The latest AR racing car is the highlight of this exhibition, and the R22 helicopter simulator was first exhibited at this fair.

Owatch AISA AR&VR Fair, May 9th-11th 2019

Owatch AISA AR&VR Fair, May 9th-11th 2019

Helicopter simulator for professional training

AR Racing Simulator

VR Slide, Super thrilling Roller Coaster Simulator

VR Team: Multi-player VR Shooting Platform

Owatch HOT SALE VR Racing, Customer said they can See the future Style from this racing simulator

Met our old customer at the show

VR Racing 2, Metal Style, Future Style

Beauty Love the helicopter simulator

AR Racing: Having Competition Mode for Racing Events

AR Racing: Successfully held a two-day competitive event

Birdly VR flight simulator

AR racing with miniature reality theme park, more attractive

The AR racing suit for family entertainment

VR X-SHIP ‘s Audition

The 6 Seat VR X-SHIP 9d Cinema was Successfully sold on the show

Signing on show

The End – Thanks for Watching!

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