Warm congratulations to the success of Owatch agent VIBHUTI in Mumbai IAAPI!

The IAAPI has a very prosperous scene, and the booth of our agent VIBHUTI is lively and busy. While they reaching cooperation agreements and purchase intentions with many customers, and taking this opportunity to have in-depth and friendly exchanges with guests from all over the world. They fully promoted our Owatch products, greatly improved the reputation and influence of our products in the global market.

Cooperation agreement reached with guests

Photo of all VIBHUTI exhibitors

All staffs of VIBHUTI politely and friendly received guests from all over the world, and showed the professionalism and strength in the industry with their excellent business ability and negotiation skills.

VIBHUTI’s booth is very busy

VIBHUTI’s booth is very busy

In this IAAPI, VIBHUTI brought you two hot-selling VR products from our Owatch, VR360 Chair and VR Magic Box. These two products have attracted the attention of many guests with their cool and technological design, and their exciting gaming experience is also well received by guests.

Photos of exhibitors with VR 360 Chair and VR Magic Box

Guests are experiencing our VR Magic Box

Photo of IAAPI Expo

Photo of IAAPI Expo

Guests are experiencing VR 360 Chair

Finally, we would like to thank our agent VIBHUTI for the advertising and promotion of our products at this IAAPI. At the same time, we also want to thank the guests who came to visit the exhibition from all over the world during your busy schedule. Your support and trust are our driving force for continuous development. Owatch will do our best to focus on R & D and production, and strive to provide everyone with a better quality product and gaming experience.

IAAPI Expo Exhibitors