In recent years, there have been many VR-related entertainment projects on the market, such as VR games, VR theaters, etc. The application of VR technology and entertainment has brought consumers an immersive experience that is more fashionable and exciting. According to authoritative surveys, the VR market has a booming prospect. It is expected that in recent years, the market size of the VR market, including games, hardware, movies, and experience halls, will continue to expand. It can be seen that the development prospects of the VR market are very impressive. And in the VR experience hall, a variety of VR devices attract people of different ages, expand the market for users, and also bring business opportunities to entrepreneurs.

The characteristics of the VR game experience store are, first of all, the sense of immersion, breaking through the boundaries of time and space and immersing in the virtual world. This immersive gaming experience is unmatched by ordinary 2D games and is more attractive. There is also its multi-sensitivity and interactivity. Players can naturally interact with the virtual world through instinctive ways such as gestures, actions and brain waves through VR devices, experience, and bring the ultimate gaming pleasure.

vr 9d simulator

The first choice is 9D VR cinema. Compared with the traditional cinema experience, VR cinema is quite different. First of all, the seat advantage. The VR multi-degree-of-freedom seat has a wealth of environment and seat special effects, which can accurately simulate forward, backward, left, right, falling, bumps, sweeping legs, backward stabs and other actions, completely with the traditional experience and enjoyment Different ordinary seats. Secondly, the movie resources of VR movies are more abundant, so that people of different ages can experience the movies they are interested in, and bring the ultimate experience to the experiencers.

Owatch – China Leading Virtual Reality Equipment Suppliers & Manufacturer. It is the first batch of high-tech enterprises in China that develop and produce technologies such as 5D/7D Motion Cinema, VR (virtual reality), AR (augmented reality), and interactive somatosensory. include the R&D, production, sales, and technical services! And right because of the top quality and A+ super service, we had already sold to worldwide and gain a very good reputation.

Canton Tower in China

Owatch VR customized new project – Canton Tower XR Rides Cinema, 5G + XR Amusement Experience Hall is located in Guangzhou East Plaza, Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province, China. Take the XR Experience Hall and wear 4K HD simulator on the multi-latitude dynamic platform and wear VR glasses , You will go to the starry sky or dive into the sea to explore the deep sea with the space battleship. There will be more mysterious and exciting super immersive experiences waiting for you to explore.

Other popular virtual reality game machines include:

VR Magic Box (Intelligent self-service standing platform,HTC VIVE Commercial Solution)
Racing Simulator (Enjoy freely driving with real road vision)
VR Flight Machine (Stand or lie down, chase the target and shoot the monster)
9D VR Cinema (Roller coaster, pendulum, racing, shooting, etc. cover all types of games)
5D/7D Cinema (Customized theater with multiple seats)

Owatch has professional VR technology and customized business solutions, which can help companies easily establish professional VR theme parks and launch new VR businesses. We provide life-long technical maintenance and 1-year warranty for all VR equipment. The price is sold in Chinese factories and is super high quality!

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