Everyone has heard of and experienced 2D, 3D, and even 4D and 5D theaters, but Jurassic 3D Ride may be relatively unfamiliar. What is Jurassic 3D Ride? What is the difference between it and 3D cinema, let’s give you a detailed analysis and explanation of 3D naked eye Jurassic 3D Ride(arc screen orbit cinema).

The Jurassic 3D Ride is an upgraded version of the 3D theater/4d cinema/5d cinema. The Jurassic 3D Ride uses a curved giant screen with an immersive naked-eye 3D effect. When the movie is playing, the electric seat cooperates with dive, shaking and other actions to provide a realistic and exciting flight experience or ride experience.

The naked-eye 3D experience has a high sense of immersion-the super large coverage of the visual field, the 160-degree experience covers more than 70% of the human eye’s visual perception range; the realism of the scene-the three-dimensional visual space constructed by the image content is consistent with the real environment, just like the body General immersive.
The naked-eye 3D Jurassic 3D Ride has the characteristics of flexibility, immersion, dynamic, and creativity. Many features have jointly created this creative ring-screen orbit theater, giving people an unprecedented movie sensory experience. The Jurassic 3D Ride can also imitate various special effects such as wind, rain, thunder and lightning.

Lightning: Simulate the thunder and lightning lens in the film, emitting dazzling lightning, accompanied by the roar of lightning strikes, making the audience feel as if they are in a thunderstorm in midsummer.

Blowing: It simulates the windy scene in the movie scene or the large-scale gas flow, and randomly works to produce a real windy effect.

Snowflake: The snowflake machine is highly efficient, and quickly sends artificial snowflakes to the sky, placing the audience in the silver-clad world.

Water spray: When there is rain in the film, there will be raindrops in the projection hall, and the audience will truly feel the rain falling from the sky at this time.

Bubbles: In the underwater world and underwater exploration, divers, aquatic animals and plants will highlight many bubbles, and the bubbles blown from the bubble machine float in the projection hall.

(The above special effects can be customized according to the needs of customers)

Jurassic 3D Ride (Arc-curtain orbit theaters) are currently sold in 2 types of Cinemas


Seats: 10
Width: 8m (26′)
Length: 12m (39′)
Ceiling height: 4.3m (14′)
Screen [160° Arc]: 11.3mX3.8m (37’X12′)

Seats: 15
Width: 11m (36′)
Length: 16m (52′)
Ceiling height: 5.8m (19′)
Screen [160° Arc]: 15.5mX5.1m (51’X17′)

If the size of location is smaller or larger than the standard needed, it can be redesigned to have the same quality 3D experience..
Remarks: The above can be fine-tuned according to the venue

Owatch’s Glasses-free Jurassic 3D Ride has been recognized by a large number of customers. Chongqing Hongyadong Scenic Area has already introduced arc-curtain orbit theater, and Xi’an Xianyang Uniform Plaza Ritz has also successfully introduced arc-curtain orbit theater. These two have been completed. Orbital theater for business. There are still some unfinished projects in progress. The naked-eye Jurassic 3D Ride is so attractive because of its unique new viewing mode and most intense immersive 3D experience, People have never experienced.

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