Perhaps some people are confused about what 618 is. Every year, June is Jingdong’s shop celebration month, in which Jingdong launches a series of large promotions, of which June 18 is the biggest day of Jingdong’s promotions. Gradually various e-commerce platforms in China have joined in and have launched their own shopping activities on June 18. It’s safe to say that 618 is now an online shopping carnival.

owatch will also be running a 618 shopping festival campaign. From the 1st to the 30th of June, orders for machines will be discounted.

618 New Products Crazy Sale – Beetle Hunter VR (Surprise Deal Save $3,900!)

Beetle Hunter VR is the company’s popular special edition VR product, featuring 9d cinema roller coaster, big pendulum, extreme sports, ocean exploration, horror games, dinosaurs, interstellar wars, mecha, children, shooting games and other types of experience games , a multi-dimensional interactive platform, the dynamic and content are highly matched! The new and attractive cutting-edge virtual reality technology brings an unprecedented immersive VR experience!

You can get cheaper prices and better value for money, but what remains the same is our professional equipment and service attitude. Feel free to contact our sales for more information on machines or discounts.

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