5D Cinema is a form of film art expression developed on the basis of 4D Cinema. It contains all the functions of 4D theater. 5D theater uses seat effects and environmental effects to simulate lightning and thunder, wind, frost, rain and snow, and explosion impact. A variety of special effects, such as vision, hearing, smell, touch and motion, are perfectly integrated, and then plot interactive games are added, with surreal visual experience coupled with special and stimulating effects synchronized performance.

Large Customized 5D Motion Cinema

7D is based on the 5D above the increase in the interactive features and game elements, not just look, you can also play, you can hold a gun aimed at the characters inside the film hit, and then get an integral, if a person is six There will be a first to sixth place in a ranking, more exciting, more fun.

5D/7D Cinema (6-seat)

System composition

Environmental effects:
Environmental special effects are mainly made to match the movie screen. For example, when watching a 5D movie, if there is a raining scene in the movie, the special effects we made can make the audience feel that there is rain on the body, and the movie is blown up. When the wind is blowing, the audience feels that there is wind blowing, the fog is formed in the movie, and the audience also feels that the fog is permeating around…The equipment of the environmental special effects system mainly includes bubble machines, water jets, hair dryers, snow machines, and smoke. They can create a variety of feelings such as rain, wind, snow, smoke, and lightning.
Seat special effects:
The seat special effects system allows the audience to feel the effects of bumps, tremors, and flying up and down. When the audience is watching adventure films and horror films, the seat special effects are especially obvious. For example, the audience is watching a movie of a roller coaster. The seats can make the audience feel ups and downs, flying up and down, walking through the mountains and ridges in the virtual world of the movie, and experiencing the excitement of speeding through the lofty mountains indoors.
Audio and video effects:
The two-dimensional audio-visual special effects system includes metal screens, projectors, racks (with polarized lenses, films), playback servers, control cabinets, screens, bass speakers, main speakers, surround speakers, power amplifiers and other equipment.
The software system includes movie special effects action editor, movie player, synchronization control system, action special effect system and environmental special effect system. The equipment mainly includes high-configuration computers, monitors, cabinets, etc.

Equipment composition

Screen display equipment: high gain, large viewing angle, professional three-dimensional cinema metal projection screen, long service life, resistance to ambient light interference.
Seat equipment: 5D cinema dedicated dynamic seat, 6 degrees of freedom control, 12 directions, 36 combinations, 72 actions.
Central control equipment: control the playback of three-dimensional movies, the motion control of the sports seat, the correction of the motion curve, and the control of the sensory special effects.
Three-dimensional projection equipment: industrial-grade three-dimensional movie playback and projection equipment, with high picture clarity, high brightness, good color reproduction, and good viewing.
Special effects equipment: dynamic seat and other power systems have special effects such as settlement, swing, vibration, leg touch, air jet, water spray, ear wind, ear sound and other special effects; the surrounding environment special effects can do bubble simulation, smoke simulation, snow simulation, and down Rain simulation, lightning simulation, etc. increase the audience’s immersive sense of integration and excitement.
Theater audio equipment: a multi-channel surround sound system with high-quality sound effects. It can simulate airplane flight, thunder sound, etc. The multi-channel surround sound system can make the object produce the characteristics of surround motion, and can accurately locate the moving object, so that the sound of the three-dimensional film is also three-dimensional, forming a real three-dimensional space. Create a three-dimensional audio-visual space.
Other auxiliary equipment: control software, stereo glasses, connecting pipelines, hangers, etc.