Little friends who have seen VR movies or played VR games feel dizzy, even nausea and vomiting during the experience. Many friends attribute the reason to their personal physique and can’t play 3D. Not exactly.

There are two main reasons: 3D vertigo and VR vertigo

Let’s explain 3D vertigo first. This is a disease that causes nausea when playing 3D games. To sum up in one sentence: as long as the visually observed state is inconsistent with the real state of the body, the human body will probably feel dizzy.

VR vertigo is different from 3D vertigo. It can be divided into two parts according to the causes, simulated motion sickness and visual motion sickness.

In short, simulated motion sickness can be regarded as “high configuration” 3D vertigo. It is some symptoms that some people will produce when interacting with the virtual environment. Such as balance problems (instability), dizziness, loss of color vision, nausea and vomiting.

Vertigo is a visual technology problem, because your proprioception is out of sync with your visual system. The same is true for carsickness and seasickness. When the display speed of your head device can’t keep up with the moving speed of your body, it will cause out of sync and vertigo.

Let’s talk about another “culprit” in VR motion sickness – visual motion sickness.

Visual vertigo, as its name suggests, is caused by adverse reactions of the visual system. There are many problems leading to vertigo in the game, including low display frame number, Caton, acceleration, clarity, painting style of the game, complexity of texture, light and darkness, etc. It is mainly due to the poor performance of the refresh rate and gyroscope of the equipment itself, which leads to the dizziness caused by the long time from moving from the head to displaying the corresponding picture.

How to avoid VR motion sickness

Since the cause of motion sickness is that the body perception does not match the picture seen, owatch’s VR simulator is a good choice. It not only meets the free and grand game world of VR, but also brings realistic experience with somatosensory devices. 2K resolution VR glasses reduce the probability of motion sickness at the same time. Come to owatch’s official website for more

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