Supporting magnetic tracking, manus shows a new VR glove “quantum metagloves”

It is reported that during GDC 2022, manus, a Dutch VR glove manufacturer, displayed a new VR glove “quantum metagloves”. For many years, manus has been manufacturing sports gloves that support real-time VR and motion capture. Its previous products were tracked based on IMU and elastic sensors. The new VR glove “quantum metagloves” adopts magnetic induction tracking. There is a magnetic base on the back of the glove, and a functional module on the tip of each finger to realize magnetic field induction.

Manus said that this means that the gloves can detect the length and width of fingers (on the premise of correct calibration), and can achieve more accurate hand tracking when combined with the basic bone model of the hand dynamically scaled according to the user.

Recently, Hangzhou Lingban Technology (hereinafter referred to as “rokid”), a Chinese ar smart glasses enterprise, obtained a round C financing of RMB 700 million. This round of financing is mainly used for technology R & D, marketing and ecological construction.

It is understood that rokid is a company focusing on computer interaction technology. It is committed to the research and development of software and hardware products such as AR glasses and the ecological construction with yodaos-xr operating system as the carrier. Last December, rokid officially launched ar smart glasses rokid air.

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